How to Appeal a British Army Medical Rejection

This is a resource to help all of the Right To Fight supporters.

We can collectively help each other by sharing our experiences and know-how of fighting an army medical rejection through the forms of appeal.

As we are all in different stages of appeal, those who are further ahead in the process may be able to help those newer to the appeals system.

We can pull our resources on this Right to Fight blog...

If you have any supporting information, questions, additional tips and examples then please leave in the comments section at the end of each post.

I sincerely hope this helps…

Based on my own experiences of appealing medical rejections for a nut allergy for over 18 months and supported by what information is provided to us by the MoD, I have collated the following guides to provide a reference point to help you appeal your own medical rejection as well as to hear what others have to say.

Important: For each of the appeals levels, it is important to abide by the following to ensure your appeal is at the correct location and in front of the right person. Your appeal letter should ideally be typed or emailed. Include your full name URN (a 13 digit unique reference number), date of birth and the level of appeal. It must be signed by you, the candidate, and dated.

It is stated that you must accompany appeals with new evidence which will be considered by a doctor. Please note that a doctor’s reply will be based on the black and white JSP 950 standards and will not take any opinions or letters of support from ‘non-medical professionals including Cadet instructors, teachers and personal trainers.’

Here you can navigate to the most relevant guide to suit your case...

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