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About the 1B Appeal:

Once you have the supporting evidence to showcase that the medical ailment you are accused of having is no longer valid, you can send your 1b appeal to the National Recruiting Centre where it will be assessed by the Chief Medical Officer.

If the evidence is not strong enough, or if they doubt your suitably for service, you will again be told in writing with reasons to why your 1b appeal has been rejected.

Even if you are deemed to be PMU (Permanently Medically Unsuitable), you can still appeal further with a Level 2 appeal. Although PMUs are not normally overturned, it is stated that you will never be denied your right to appeal - so keep on fighting!

Example 1b appeal response 

My 1b appeal was responded to with a comprehensive 4-page review written on behalf of the Chief Medical Officer.

Key paragraphs were quoted from JSP 950 and highlighted where they were applicable to my case. I stated on many occasions that I was not denying that I have a nut allergy - the facts speak for themselves. I was contending the medical standards themselves. In hind sight, constructing an argument to an army doctor, essentially following orders, wasn’t going to get anywhere hence the need to put pressure on the decision makers higher up the food chain - the Right to Fight campaign.

Use a 1b appeal not to argue the medical standards but to use if you have new medical evidence. 

If you have any supporting information, questions, additional tips and examples regarding level 1b appeals then please leave in the comments section below to help others.

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