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About the level 2 appeal:

A Level 2 appeal is the last level of appeal and exists where you contend the interpretation of the JSP 950 tri-service medical standards by stating that they may not be applicable to your circumstances.

This could be where you have analysed the standards in depth and have identified that your medical rejections have been misinterpreted.

An example Level 2 appeal:

As an example, I did so by stating that I have been in the army reserves in the past, a Military Intelligence unit, and therefore have passed the medical examination so the IN-SERVICE medical standards apply to my case. Bizarrely enough, a nut allergy would classify me as a P3, ‘medically fit for duty with minor employment limitations’, as opposed to a P8, ‘medically unfit for service’ which is how I am currently classified.

Yes, if you have medical ailments now, trying to join from outside the forces, the medical standards are more stringent verses medical conditions discovered in service. I stated that with Medically Limited Deployability (MLD), my medical history would not be a blanket ban to all operations but be taken into account on an operation-by-operation basis - as it should be.

Why are the IN-SERVICE standards different for those joining the armed forces for the first time? At the time of writing, I am still awaiting a response from the army.

If you review the JSP 950 standards, you may be able to find an angle for your appeal as I managed to do.

Level 3?

Despite my appeals, I was not contending the fact that I had an allergy, I was contending the medical standards themselves. In short, taking no for an answer. I provided as much information as I possibly could to state my suitability for the army. However this will only be achieved by appealing to doctors following orders.

The only next step is to contend the standards by putting pressure on the decision makers to highlight how that, although there will always be medical conditions which would render potential recruits unsuitable for service, there are many which are manageable. This is why I started the Right to Fight campaign.

If you have any supporting information, questions, additional tips and examples regarding a Level 2 appeal then please leave in the comments section below to help others.


  • Thomas Quilliam

    Good evening, your campaign is Fantastic, I was declined due to a minor nut allergy, I have tablets not an epi pen. I wish to appeal this decision. Thank you for giving me this determination.

  • Georgia C

    with my appeal i will be contending rejections for mental health and that i should have been referred to a single service physician before a decision be made as the dates following the rejection letter are unclear and it states in the JSPs that if doubt about legnth and suitability you should be reffered to a single service physician. is this something i can do on my own or do i have to go through the recruitment service.

  • Ruth Potts

    I’d be interested to know when and why the criteria changed regarding allergies, as we know that some personnel are still serving with allergies. Whether they are medically downgraded, l don’t know?
    The US army accepts waivers, isn’t it time the the British Forces do this, especially given the current downturn in recruitment.

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