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About the Career Discussion Report:

Even if you have been medically deferred at the army selection centre, you may be asked if you wish to continue with the selection event. Make sure you say yes!

Do your best at everything to result in a quality reference from your interviewing officer at the end of the selection event. This reference is recorded in your Career Discussion Report and you may request this from the MoD.

You can use the report to aid your medical appeals

At the time of writing, you can email to obtain this. Include your name, DOB and 13 digit URN (Unique reference number).

In writing you will receive:

  • The scores, times and levels for the computer tests, jerry can carry, power bag lift, 1.5 mile run and an overall grade.
  • Written testimony from the directing staff for the military lesson, team tasks, whether you have support from your family for joining the army (important!) and whether you understand the exact job role you are applying for (the directing staff want to see that you have done your homework).

If you have any supporting information, questions, additional tips and examples regarding the Discussion Report then please leave in the comments section below to help others.

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