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About the 1A appeal:

“The candidate is attempting to provide additional evidence countering the initial decision to reject/defer. Level 1 Appeals are to be conducted to completion by the selection centre Senior Medical Officer.”

The Level 1 Appeal will have two outcomes:

  1. If the appeal is upheld you re-enter the pre-Service selection process at the point of departure.
  2. If the appeal is not upheld then you are advised in writing with reasons. In addition, you are advised that you may appeal at Level 1b.

A 1a would be your first appeal, and as such you should go in with as much evidence to support your case as possible. If you can provide the evidence you need at this stage as opposed to seeing what the army doctors may say on weaker evidence, it will save you months of time and energy. Remember that ‘army personnel need to be physically and mentally fit enough to train, serve and fight anywhere in the world.’ So, as much evidence you can provide to support this statement would be in your favour.

Appealing Level 1a with allergies

As this was the position I was in personally, I know a bit more about how to appeal against allergies than any other medical ailment.

You will need to provide the most up to date information regarding your allergy. In all likelihood, you would have to be retested by the way of skin-prick and/or blood tests. Be prepared that conducting these tests on the NHS can take up to 8-9 months due to waiting lists. My tests were 6 months after seeing my GP to get a test arranged. Furthermore, you need to make sure you are tested at an army approved clinic and make sure you get evaluated by the lead clinician only. Seeing any doctor in that clinic other than the lead doctor may delay your application further.

If you have any supporting information, questions, additional tips and examples regarding a Level 1a appeal then please leave in the comments section below to help others.


  • Jon Sprague

    I’ve just been medically rejected due to a single level discectomy 5 years ago. From what I understand, you need to be 3 years clear from surgery so I’m unsure as to why it was rejected. But in going to appeal and find the right evidence to support it

  • Dan Alexander

    Hi guys. I got defered for medical reasons, but the reason stated by the army does not correspond to what I told them. I am not undergoing any dental treatment (“active orthodontic treatment”) nor do I need any (only if my wisdom tooth and two baby teeth caused problems should I seek a dentist, a situation that has not happened). I want to appeal. Any advice? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Tyrone Johnston

    In further regard to how long it takes to hear back from the army about your appeal, my 1a took over 2 months and I had still heard nothing. But once I phoned them to enquire why this was they said they would put it through to my recruiter directly and I had my results within 3 days. If it’s taking too long just give them a phone!

  • Right to Fight

    We have been asked recently about how long it takes to hear back from Capita / the army when you appeal. In the experience of the founder of the Right to Fight campaign, it took about 3-6 weeks for each stage of appeal. The ‘higher up’ the appeals went, the less time it takes to come back – we assume because less people appeal after a 1A? If you phone up your Capita recruitment contact, they should be able to find out which stage your appeal is at including whether or not they have received your letter(s).

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