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About the assessment:

Before assessment, you would not have deemed your medical ailment to restrict your employment in the armed forces at least not until the point you had to answer a medical questionnaire at the assessment centre regrading your medical history. It is at this point where you may have discovered that mild allergies, subsided eczema or even the occasional use of an inhaler equals a blanket ban from military service.

This is because of the JSP 950 6-7-7 tri-service medical standards. These strict medical standards aim to standardise medical scrutinisation of potential recruits by using an alphanumeric coding which states a recruits suitability for service. An introduction to the standards as well as a link to the full 70,000 word document can be found here.

If you haven’t been on a selection event yet, set expectations and go in prepared

If you haven’t yet attended a selection event but are concerned about a medical condition which may affect your position, take on board as much information as possible which could help your appeal.

It goes without saying but try your hardest at everything. An assessment centre is essentially a 2 day job interview and if you are allowed to continue with selection after the medical examination, you will be graded - an ’A’ grade being the highest. Aim for a high grade to put you in the best possible position to appeal down the line.

Train hard for it. Research ways to train for the fitness tests or consult a trainer to help. Know your run times and the time you have to beat on the 1.5 mile run. They are judging you on effort as much as speed. If you easily run around the set route and get your target time but do so effortlessly, you may in fact be marked down.

Apply 100% effort to everything. But you already knew that.

After your assessment, you can request your official Career Discussion Report from the MoD.

If you have any supporting information, questions, additional tips and examples regarding the assessment centre then please leave in the comments section below to help others.

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