Tell your story


Have you...

  • Tried to join any branch of the British Armed Forces and have been disallowed because of medical reasons?
  • Been medically discharged from service for unfair reasons? You do not deem your medical ailment to affect the ability to do your job?
  • Been affected by either of the above and wish to provide your case study anonymously? No names, no photos. If this is the case, please email us:
We’d love to hear from you. The more case studies we receive, the better it is to allow us to appeal and change the current tri-service medical policy.
Please try your best to answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible and please know that all personal information will be kept in strictest confidence:
    1. Which branch of the armed forces do you wish to join?
    2. When did you first apply, have you appealed at all and if so, what stage is your appeal at?
    3. What makes you suitable for the Armed Forces? Pay specific attention to your past experiences, fitness levels, specific skills, other qualifications and any military family history you may have.
    4. Ask yourself, 'Will my medical condition affect my ability to do the job effectively?' The JSP 950 standards state that 'personnel need to be physically and mentally fit enough to train, serve and fight anywhere in the world'. There will always be medical restrictions that will unable people to operate in the Armed Forces. It is important that you believe you can operate effectively and we need as much evidence for this as possible in your story.
    5. Where did you hear about us?
Your support for this campaign is thoroughly appreciated and we thank you in advance for taking the time to write to us. Let's get it done.